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Henry Rodriquez increased our claim award years after initial payout.

This is a letter of high recommendation for Henry Rodriquez, of Municipal Claims Management Services Inc. (MCMS). Henry was engaged by our attorney to help our Condominium Association  with a reopened claim against citizens insurance. This was four years and nine months after hurricane Wilma caused tremendous damage to our association property. Multiple attorneys and adjusters had appeared to have accomplished very little for the Association in this effort prior.

Henry Rodriquez with zealous energy began working on site, reviewing evidence of damages, and interviewing victims of storm damage. After hurricane Wilma, RMCA had 11 apartments with total damage, that unit owners were displaced for 2 years. In addition there were damages to another 33 apartments, clubhouse, roofs, interior/exterior lighting, fencing, landscape, seawall and other common elements. Our property was left crippled by an inadequate insurance settlement of funds for repairs. The owners were assessed large sums, and 800,000.00 of debt, were needed against common elements to complete the meager amount of repairs to allow the unit owners to return to their respective homes.

The settlement funds from citizens for the Wilma damages which occurred October 24, 2005 were approximately $1,248,530 before the engagement of Henry Rodriquez. After negotiation in court the award amount increased to approximately $6,108,329.00. The awards were signed by the Umpire and Henry Rodriguez on October 15, 2010. This was one day short of three months that our loss amount was up by approximately, $4,859,799.00.

I was the president of the association when award monies were received in 2011, and as such, I had occasion for interaction with many appraisers and insurance individuals. Our association was able to begin some long awaited repairs that continue to this present day. It was a pleasure working with Henry Rodriquez. Henry was ethical, effective and always professional. His empathy for victims of storm damages was unparalleled.

Henry Rodriguez recovered underpaid insurance claims, saving owners from assessments.

I am the president of a community association management company in Key West.  In connection with managing many associations, I frequently interact with insurance companies and legislators in Tallahassee, where I was actively involved in the legislative process for many years.

When I initially took over management of these properties and reviewed their files, I realized that they had been insufficiently  paid by their insurers for damages (and future issues that will arise) related to various storms and hurricanes, particularly Wilma in 2005. While many roofs were replaced, many other issues, particularly windows, railings, and sliding glass doors, separation of expansion joints, etc., were not properly addressed. Not all hurricane damages show up immediately- some can take years.

Because of his excellent reputation, I contacted Henry Rodriguez of Municipal Claims Management Services, Inc., (MCMS) who engaged with a team of experts. They proceeded to recover several million dollars, which would have otherwise gone uncollected – and paid by assessment of owners who already pay a very high premium, All at no cost to any of the associations l manage. MCMS is only paid if there is insurance recovery.


Key West, FL

A highly competent professional and a consummate one

I recently concluded a litigious process in my own name for which I had the great privilege of having engaged Henry Rodriguez as my appraiser.
In my capacity as a professional mediator, I feel very confident in most strongly endorsing Henry not merely as a highly competent professional, but as a consummate one. This is seen in three areas: his approach, his thoroughness, and his ethics.

Henry’s approach is born of his years of experience, which he leverages richly. He successfully triages the significant issues from the red herrings with surgical precision. This prioritization is fundamental to establishing appropriate focus.

Moreover, Henry is highly disciplined in his problem solving approach. He perceives the nexus of situational facts, contractual/legal governing rules, and the players to the dispute as a dynamic interplay of forces that inform a strategy, not isolated factors to be attacked incoherently. As such, he maximizes rational output to the benefit of his client and the system’s integrity.

Furthermore, he has a fundamental contractual sensitivity that permits him, through his experience base, to gauge disputant priorities and respond appropriately thereto. This builds credibility on all sides and establishes a foundation for rational interchange.

Henry’s thoroughness is supremely impressive. He painstakingly assembled, analyzed, catalogued, and published a wholly complete horizon of relevant materials for my claim. He published no irrelevant material: he composed an accurate narrative with all materials relevant to backing it up, in order to build the very strongest case possible.

Lastly, Henry employs a neon red-line where it comes to ethics. He has enrobed himself fully in the mantel of highly ethical behavior; he is absolutely aware and jealous of his personal integrity professional reputation. To his great credit, he is fully up-front and transparent on this issue.

It is my distinct pleasure to endorse Henry’s work with the greatest enthusiasm and to remain available to all those who receive this letter to answer any questions.


Key Biscayne, FL

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