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Cast Iron Pipe Claims for Miami, Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, and Surrounding areas!


  • If your house was built before 1975
  • If you’ve had leaky waste pipes or sewer backup or clogged drains
  • If a plumber ‘repaired’ your problem – but you didn’t put in a claim
  • If a plumber ‘repaired’ your problem – and you put in an insurance claim that was denied or underpaid

There is a very well-defined, thorough process that we go through when we represent a policyholder that has an insurance claim due to degrading cast iron pipes. Our CEO Henry Rodriguez has decades of experience as an insurance dispute umpire and independent appraiser. He knows exactly how to approach these cases on every level through the utilization of the court-preferred Appraisal Dispute Resolution (APR) method.

Homes that were built before 1975 typically have cast iron pipes, and they last for a limited time period under any circumstances. However, the unique conditions in the South Florida area cause much faster degradation of these pipes. It has been estimated that around 30 percent of homes in the Miami area are susceptible to cast iron pipe failure.


Millions of homes built before 1975 have failed cast iron plumbing systems.

Property and Casualty Insurance companies have been diluting coverage, increasing premiums and denying claims at an alarming rate. Claims have considerably increased in the past five years yet payments have been reduced by almost fifty percent. Policyholders often settle for pennies on the dollar as they do not know their contractual rights or that claims assistance is available. Many insureds will realize the asset they were relying on for their retirement is worthless as mortgage related inspections expand to include compromised plumbing systems.

Each year 3.5 million claims will occur and over 125,000 insurance company adjusters will be called upon to meet the industry’s needs and mandates.
Banks will find themselves with bad mortgages, foreclosures and worthless assets. Over 2,400,000 Florida homes have cast iron drain pipe systems, almost all are compromised and need to be replaced, an additional 400,000 related claims made within the past three years have been denied or underpaid.


We will empower both the insured and plaintiff law firm to assure just and rapid payment.

Our team of dedicated experts will assure results at every turn of the claims process from causation reports to expert witnesses in the court room. The experience gathered from many years of dealing with all aspects of the insurance industry are focused on developing cases with superior clarity. We find and use documented facts that translate to proper and rapid indemnification for the insured and superior case equity for our Law Firm partners.


We will negotiate with your insurance company.

The courts would be bogged down with countless cases, given the widespread nature of the problem, if they were never resolved through negotiations. This is why Appraisal Dispute Resolution (ADR) is highly favored by the legal system. We have seen many refused and underpaid claims for the cast iron pipe damage, and we know how to find the fine print that insurance companies hope you never see.

Earlier in his career, Henry Rodriguez represented insurance companies as an appraiser. He now fiercely advocates on the other side, for you, the policyholders. He knows the tactics and understands both sides of the equation, so he is ideally suited to interact with insurance companies on behalf of his clients that are seeking a fair resolution.

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