Cast Iron Pipe Damage Claims for Miami-Dade County, FL



Cast Iron Pipe Damage – Why Should I care?

It can happen to you!

If you own a home, in the Miami area, that was built before 1975, you probably have cast iron wastewater pipes. When cast iron pipes in South Florida soil come into contact with household chemicals, rusting and corrosion are accelerated. This is because of the makeup of the soil, which is particularly moist, has high levels of salinity present.

The material has been used all around the country for many decades, but it is subject to degradation over time. It is only expected to maintain integrity for approximately 50 years at maximum, and it is not uncommon for them to begin to degrade after a couple of decades.

The limited lifespan of cast iron pipes is a fact of life wherever you may reside. However, here in South Florida, the corrosion and deterioration typically starts to set in more rapidly.

Pipes and the Surrounding Soil begin to Deteriorate

These conditions reduce the strength of the pipes, and small holes can eventually appear. There is scaling and channeling on the inside, and this has a clogging effect. As the water escapes, it can erode and contaminate the underlying soil. This can eventually cause a total pipe collapse, and in some instances, sinkholes can even develop – a very serious situation can unfold.

Sewage water can back up through your drains and allow sulfur dioxide gas and other toxic elements through your appliances, floors and even walls.

Filing A Claim – You may be covered for more than you know.

Many insurance companies have been attempting to sidestep claims from policyholders that have deteriorating cast iron pipes. Even those that accept responsibility often try to offer far less than the actual cost of the repairs, and there can be additional damage caused by pipe failure.

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