Cast Iron Pipe Damage Claims for Palmetto Bay, FL

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Cast Iron Pipe Claims in Palmetto Bay, Florida

Palmetto Bay is a great place to call home, and the character of the older architecture is a large part of the appeal. On the negative side of the equation, many homes in the city that were constructed prior to 1975 have cast iron pipes. If you own an older home in Palmetto Bay, you should definitely look for signs of pipe degradation, because it is inevitable. If you find that your drains are sluggish and they are prone to backing up, this may be due to failing cast iron pipes. Other signs that would indicate pipe degradation are tiles that are becoming dislodged, flooring that is starting to warp, and water stains on the carpets or walls. Peculiar, unpleasant odors can be a red flag as well, and there are physical symptoms that are akin to allergic reactions.

When homeowners recognize these telltale signs, they file homeowners insurance claims.

Since so many homes in Palmetto Bay and other Miami-Dade County cities have cast iron pipes, these companies have been feeling the pinch. Many of them try to contend that their policies do not cover this type of damage. Others will accept responsibility, but they will not pay out enough to cover the repair costs in full. Plus, there could be damage to other parts of the home that was caused by water seeping out of the pipes. The insurance adjusters do not always agree to pay these repair expenses.

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